11 Best Affiliate Management Software For All Businesses

Plus, it has a built-in CRM that lets you keep track of all of your affiliates, so you can find out how they’re doing and follow up with them when needed. Affiliate marketing is a referral marketing strategy in which an organization pays a commission to individuals or other companies for promoting and selling its products or services. Most affiliate marketing programs pay a commission based on the number of sales. However, some programs are similar to advertising campaigns wherein third-party affiliate marketers receive a commission for generating leads. With 125 reviews on Capterra, Kartra is one of the most reviewed affiliate management software platforms. Kartra offers affiliate management, analytics, campaign management, commission management, and much more.

  • It has seen 122% revenue growth among its customers and $180 million in partner-driven revenue in the past year.
  • You can easily navigate through the reports, group the data, and explore more specific data points.
  • With the help of affiliate management software, your affiliate program will be professional, efficient, and instantly more appealing.
  • Some tools allow you to discover which demographics are attracted to your business the most.
  • With the additional data, you can identify trends and use your new insights to streamline the performance of your affiliate program.
  • They have a top-of-market software solution that finds niche relevant content partners and their contact info.

With the help of this feature, you are empowering your affiliates to recruit other affiliates under them. Custom – If you represent an enterprise-level business, you should get in touch with the AffiliateWP team for custom pricing. Speaking of which, there are three pricing plans for PayKickStart that you can sign up with a monthly or yearly subscription. As far as the reporting is concerned, Scaleo offers 30+ data breakdowns and 50+ data points along with rich statistics. Furthermore, it also offers 10+ targeting rules to effectively reach the right audience. Most importantly, Scaleo comes with a home-grown Anti-Fraud Logic technology.

Top 9 Best Affiliate Management Software Platforms in 2022

You can group affiliates and offer unique content and reward structures to each segment. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to create different commission structures for different affiliates. InviteReferral offers a free 15-day trial after which you will be able to choose between three pricing options.

These include e-commerce, payment processors, CRM, and marketing platforms. EasyAffiliate, just like affiliate tracking software comes with high-tech fraud detection and security system. This module smartly detects self-referrals, suspicious referring sites, or questionable conversion rates of your affiliates. EasyAffiliate is yet another affiliate management software for WordPress sites. It is basically a plugin that can be installed on any WordPress theme.

You can, for example, use it to pay affiliates according to their geographical conversions or use certain events or goals to set up payouts. And, to prevent that you end up paying more than needed, it includes a number of fraud prevention tools that include a traffic source validator. When it comes to tracking, the software is highly efficient to track clicks, leads, and sales of your affiliate partners. LeadDyno also displays the result of social sharing campaigns if your affiliates share their referral links on social media from their dashboard. As always, like any other affiliate tracking software, it allows you and your affiliate partners to track their performance. It efficiently tracks important metrics like clicks, revenue, sales, affiliate commissions, etc.

We’re going to look at some of the best affiliate management tools for WordPress, so you know what options you have to boost your program. Affluent for Agencies works well for affiliate managers that are working with affiliate programs on multiple networks under one brand. For instance, if you have a program listed in both CJ and Shareasale, you can have just one dashboard for both programs. This is a major time saver for affiliate managers that are pulling reports from multiple platforms on a daily basis. Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate tracking and management platform enabling you to create, track, and optimize your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

Listed below are some important points to consider when purchasing affiliate software. Those are the best and my top recommended affiliate manager software. Every provider seems to offer the same basic features, but not all of them may be able to provide what you need. This lets you see which affiliates have been performing well for you in real-time; keep tabs on overall earnings and outbound traffic; monitor mobile usage stats. The affiliate system gives you all of the options for recruiting, incentivizing, managing, paying and communicating with your affiliates – all from one integrated system.

The factors we use to rank software:

With Tipality, you can process and pay affiliates, as well as manage billing in a variety of ways. Tipalti provides 1099 management for tax purposes, multiple payment options, and commission management and scheduling making it simple to track and review affiliates and sales. Large companies such as Roblox, Roku, National Geographic, Go Daddy, Noom, Twitter, and more trust https://xcritical.com/ Tipalti. Kartra is an all-in-one online marketing platform that provides automated solutions to almost all of your marketing needs. As Grovia is designed specifically for partner discovery and outreach, it helps you connect with the best affiliates for your unique brand. This level of ‘affiliate-brand matchmaking’ is something many affiliate management tools don’t offer.

Top Affiliate Management Software

Do you need affiliate marketing software to run an affiliate program? You can get by with something unglamorous like Airtable or a Google Sheet that requires some manual updating. Still, the pros of this approach will far outweigh the cons if you have any substantial volume of affiliate activity. When you’re trying to find affiliates, affiliate software can make it easy for them to sign up.

For instance, scrupulous affiliates may resort to using bots to raise their click counts. With an anti-fraud detection feature, your software can identify any repeated sign-ups or orders from the same IP location and let you block them. You also don’t have to hire an accountant as the software has built-in features to calculate commissions based on your setting per offer and report your sales earnings. Affiliates get unique tracking IDs and can promote your products on multiple platforms. Clickmagick is another ad performance tracking tool, which helps you channel your efforts and resources effectively by showing you where you’re getting the most profitable traffic.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Software?

At $200 a month, there’s the Super Affiliate plan for up to five million tracked events. It comes with unlimited custom tracking domains, Zapier integration, one free AdWords integration, two custom integrations, 3 x 45 minutes onboarding, priority support, and more. TrackingDesk’s analytics module provides insightful data about the performance of your campaign so you can make informed decisions that will boost your ROI. You can filter traffic segments and identify which of them are ROI-positive, group stats, identify top offers in terms of conversion, and compare several campaigns. When it comes to analysis, Voluum provides granular reporting in real-time and includes up to 30 data points about all impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Top Affiliate Management Software

All self-hosted options also include unlimited affiliates, traffic, and commissions. The Basic package costs $199 and you get the software downloaded instantly with a license key. The Platinum package is $299 and offers several bundles of plugins such as SEO links, language packs, private signup, and custom file name.

OSIAffiliate Top Features

Would you like to stop paying for guesswork or experiments and only pay for results? If you said yes to any of the above statements, you should launch your own affiliate program or partner program. If-So’s primary focus isn’t affiliate marketing, nevertheless, it makes for an excellent affiliate management tool. Loom is a personal favorite as it allows you to record screen share videos and quickly share them online publicly or privately. This is huge if you want to share tutorials or private responses to your colleagues, affiliates, partners, bosses, etc. Loom offers a free version as well as a paid subscription with additional features for $8 per month.

Top Affiliate Management Software

Check out this detailed review of the best affiliate management software solutions. IDevAffiliate is an affiliate marketing and tracking software best known for its ease of use and effective affiliate management solutions. It helps businesses achieve a higher level of sales, traffic, and SEO ranking with useful templates and integration modules. Affise offers two distinct affiliate management solutions – Affise Performance for performance marketing and Affise Reach to recruit new influencers and partners for your affiliate program. The ecosystem is designed to reduce marketing efforts while driving revenue.

Come from a reputable provider

If you want all plugins, then the Black package, for $399, is right for you. This platform streamlines the partner’s marketing activities from onboarding to payment. With TUNE you can easily differentiate your brand by personalizing the dashboards, interfaces, and white labeling. The robust optimization and reporting set of features will save you time and money, empowering more efficient work and better decision-making.


Profit is a plan for those who want to optimize their campaigns for maximum profit. It includes six months of data retention, three custom domains, and unlimited active campaigns. Refersion is a good option if you require an affiliate partner management solution. This SaaS solution provides several features to assist you in running an efficient affiliate marketing campaign.

Key features of affiliate software

You can even share your links on social media, as well as build stronger SEO through backlinking. On the other hand, coupon codes don’t require links, which is great for offline marketing. Affiliate program from fraud, monitor compliance, and streamline your partner management efforts. Essentially, it allows companies to advertise their products through an affiliate in exchange for a commission. Compared to traditional marketing, this significantly increases audience reach for less cost and risk.

Of all the affiliate management tracking tools listed here, PartnerStack has the best UX/UI, the most intuitive interface, and the simplest system to manage and track affiliates or partners. AffiliateWP is the best affiliate management tool because it gives you everything you need to start a successful affiliate program. Good affiliate tracking software like AffiliateWP will offer comprehensive email and push notification capabilities, but your email marketing software is always going to offer a little bit more. A wide array of integrations helps you do this, and you’ll find every affiliate management tool on this list will effortlessly sync with your AffiliateWP program.

LeadDyno is an affiliate management platform that helps you both create and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. It allows you to accurately track and control your affiliate programs and offers detailed reporting. PartnerCentric serves as an affiliate manager as well as a partner relationship manager. It allows you to send email messages to partners and follow their progress. It also has a partner recruiting tool but no rewards, attribution reporting, or other features that a successful affiliate network may require.

LinkMink Top Features

Tapfiliate enables users to have more than one group of affiliates simultaneously. There is currently no in-app messaging feature to chat with your affiliates 1-1. Track the performance affiliate management system of specific activities in each campaign, such as email sign-ups or social shares. Get Free online courses and many other freebies on comprehensive digital marketing for the long-term.

The first thing you will need is a great affiliate management software solution. You can choose the one that suits you best and start to recruit great affiliates. You’ll see an increase in your profit margin if you launch your affiliate program correctly. Having an open-source code feature to provide API access is also excellent for custom integrations. The best vendors have their own marketplaces where specific services are already integrated and users can start using them with just a few clicks.